Generation II flexi-ski

“The Simmons really shine in the deep. Can stop, start and maintain flotation in places I never thought I could get away with. Handling and side-hilling  are superior…”

– BL

 “The Gen II skis offer control and stability far better than before experienced on a snowmobile.” – Brad S. Utah, Yamaha Apex

“I have a 2003 RX1 Mountain edition…it would love to dive into tree wells, when cruising slow down narrow trails, along with the general heavier front end plowing somewhat in the deep stuff. I was suggested the Gen II wide skis… the following days I took it back to the hills and immediately noticed the difference on the groomed trail. No more unstable lifting of the inner ski on fast corners, smooth, sharp turning, no darting. Once in the hills, about 2 feet of powder, the sled went with ease up any hill I chose, great side-hillling ability, and full control…” – Ron H. British Columbia, Canada, 2003 RX1


“Put them on my Apex. Awesome. Nothing but good. Put them on a ’07 Phazer yesterday for my son. Best money spent, just like having power steering at slow speed, no more darting and off camber turns are way easier for the light rider. I think I’ll put them on my wife’s Vector just for that reason. Great product, does what its supposed to do.” – Roly


Generation III flexi-ski

"Wicked awesome! Easier to steer,

hold to the trail, stays up on top 

of the snow. way worth the 

money!" -Dave A. 2000 Yamaha Venture

Review from Jim Tucker


​The Simmons

​Still in a class of it's own

Original Flexi-ski

"Very good Ski, as above all around great paerformance. I will not drive with a stock ski on my sled after the difference felt with these. Hell they made a Firecat turn, I am in!"

"I have run simmons Gen 1's for the last few years. I think they are a great ski.
I ran 6" carbide on the outside and 4" on the inside, I never felt a push, they railed nice."

"I have run Simmons on my Renegade for a few years now, in my opinion they are a great all around ski, I actually think they work better on the hardpack trails then in the powder, they are a very predictable ski and work well in changing snow conditions, no darting easy steering run 6" shaper bars inside and out and they will bite in the corners, they are tough too!"