Through extensive testing the Simmons flexi-ski is engineered to provide incredible control. . Designed to flex through bumps and ruts, the Flexi-Ski absorbs the shock normally taken by your arms and legs.  Darting is eliminated. Turning is improved as your sled holds the corners. The flexi-Ski is the finest trail ski on the market. It offers good flotation and increases your ability to side-hill. Made from TIVAR UHMW plastic.

Snow bike Ski

The Simmons Snowbike Ski offers

amazing control on and off the

trails. Designed specifically for 

snow bike conversion kits and 

snow hawks. 

We took all the knowledge and experience of the Original and Gen II Flexi-Skis,a nd created the Gen III Ski. So let’s cut to the chase and see what’s different:
-8 inches wide – sports car handling – we modified the dual keel-concave design by placing the keels closer together. The outer keel is shorter than the inner keel, which increases overall ski performance. Turning is sharper than we ever imagined. –Introducing new skag design. Combined with the new ski design we’re able to place the cutting carbide under the spindle to aid in turning. 

The Geration II ski has all the qualities of the Original Flexi-Ski and more! It’s 10 inch width gives superior flotation. Squared edges on keels results in sharper trail andling. 5 ¼” between keels and 10” overall width translates into unparalleled stability. Pricision-engineered side angles means no more diving in loose snow. The GenII offers the ultimate in control.

Best platform for deep powder and heavy sleds



Snow Bike Ski

​The Simmons

​Still in a class of it's own