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For those who think fitness is the ultimate pursuit

We're your kind of fitness center. If you're willing to put the time and effort into maximizing your fitness results, you need the right people (experts in fitness, health, and diet) and the right equipment (free weights, machines, everything in between) and the right facility (comfortable, clean, hard-core, well-lit) to partner with you.


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We've added more of everything

In response to your repeated requests, we went ahead and gave you more of all the stuff you want, need, and love including more classes, machines, and instructors.


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"I have a new Idea on making skis..." 

Verlin Simmons 1991

​For over 20 years simmons inc has been setting the standard in the snowmobile aftermarket industry, with such innovations as the flexi-cleat and the flexi-ski. these products have been known for dramatically improving ride quality and performance. the simmons flexi-ski set the world standard in handling and control on and off the trail. 

simmons inc is a family run business located in providence, ut. with their ingenuity verlin and val simmons continue developing new product such as the generation ii, generation iii and the snow bike ski. snowmobiling has always been a big part of our family life and continues today as we strive to bring you the best products possible!